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Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you are curious to find out what this is all about? OK, lets get started:
We are – Rette ein Kinderleben e.V. or in english language: Save 1 child’s life.
Our non profit organization has been founded in 1983 in the town of Limburg in Germany.
Thats about an hour to drive from the Airport „Frankfurt/Main“.

Our goal is to help poor children in the 3rd world so they can achieve a solid education.
In our opinion and experience, a good education is the only working key to have a chance for a better life.

Mächen vor einer Schule in Igaci

We can’t change global issues. That’s what politics are for and we don’t intend to interfere with any politics at all.
So we focus on feasible things, where we’re able to improve circumstances.

Our objective is to give a child a chance to go to school without being hungry.
Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t any parent provide this for his child?
Yes, of course. But these children have been born into a „situation“.
They didn’t choose to be born into extrem poverty by themselves,
to parents who mostly don’t have a job or income as many of them lack any school education at all.
So they mostly suffer from hunger, usually don’t have a clean bed to sleep in, don’t really have a chance to see a doctor
if they fell ill and when going to school, they mostly need a lot further attention and support.

Kinder schlafen auf dem Boden

In nearly 4 decades we supported thousends of really poor children in the northeast of Brazil. A lot of them managed to destroy the circle of poverty that surrounded and blocked them. Many of them managed to get good jobs, several studied at universities and some got academic degrees.
Only because they had a sponsor via Rette ein Kinderleben e.V. who did help and support them continuously.

No, unfortunately there is no guarantee that your godchild will become a Ph.D.
But it might simply reach a level whithout further dependency from donations.

Staying without help, it will continue to live in poverty and dirt and yes:
It will pass this all on to the next generation and the circle of poverty continues… That’s for sure.

You do have the chance to change a child’s life for the better! Oh yes, you do!

For your convenience and to support our many US based sponsors we do have a contact in the US, located in the south of NH.
Please dial (603) 878-2248 and ask how you might help to save 1 childs life!
You may also send us any question or request via Kontakt in the menu.
We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!